Month: December 2012

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Suunto M5 Review

Before I got the M5 watch for Christmas, I'd never heard of Suunto before. Despite being around for more than 75 years, they seem to be fledgling still – as suggested by the large 'Suunto Story' link on the front page of their website.

However, after being told by a trusted friend that they were amongst the industry leaders in sports watches, I decided to throw a fair bit of energy into the system. For the money, the product is a solid offering, as long as you're willing to commit a bit of time to getting used to it.

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Security on the Mac: Protecting Your Files From Prying Eyes

Security on the Mac

File Vault

Since its rise in popularity, Apple has been keen to focus, in part, on what it deems as one of the relative strengths of OS X over other operating systems: security. Part of this is the way the system is built, in the 'UNIX core'; the other is array of features included over time, such as FileVault, and more recently, Gatekeeper.

Despite these inclusions, it is important to keep in mind that although these features can be useful, and definitely can serve to protect users against the malice of others, they are in no way a guarantee of protection. Unfortunately, the often excellent aspects of the unregulated nature of the Internet has the unfortunate by-product of harbouring some inherent risks involved in merely being connected.

That being said, there are some straightforward steps that you can take – depending upon how worried you are – to protect your information. I'll detail them here.

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Should I Get AppleCare?

The Eternal Question


As you walk out of the shop, excited to get home and unwrap your new computer, you try to make sense of the salesperson towards the completion of your transaction. They might have assured you they weren't on commission, and then in the same breath been overly effusively about the virtues of 'AppleCare'. Their explanation of it though, was more confusing than when you asked them about the differences between Intel's i5 and i7 range.
Perhaps after a few questions, and always begrudgingly, they might have told you that you have the first 12 months of your new computer's life to get this product that they seemed unreasonably happy about. What is it?

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