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Security on the Mac: Protecting Your Files From Prying Eyes

Security on the Mac

File Vault

Since its rise in popularity, Apple has been keen to focus, in part, on what it deems as one of the relative strengths of OS X over other operating systems: security. Part of this is the way the system is built, in the 'UNIX core'; the other is array of features included over time, such as FileVault, and more recently, Gatekeeper.

Despite these inclusions, it is important to keep in mind that although these features can be useful, and definitely can serve to protect users against the malice of others, they are in no way a guarantee of protection. Unfortunately, the often excellent aspects of the unregulated nature of the Internet has the unfortunate by-product of harbouring some inherent risks involved in merely being connected.

That being said, there are some straightforward steps that you can take – depending upon how worried you are – to protect your information. I'll detail them here.

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Customise Your Mac: 'defaults' as a way of achieving anything but

Depending upon your level of experience with your Mac, you might have delved into the depths of the command line before. You might have even wandered around in it a little, or followed a guide that told you how to achieve a specific goal, which you might not have been able to do with the graphical user interface (GUI). Regardless of you level of experience, there are a bunch of one line commands that you can drop into Terminal in order to change your computer in ways you could only dream of achieving otherwise. Today, I'll run through some of those that I think are most appealing. Simply copy and paste the commands into the terminal, and hit enter.

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How to safely move all of your stuff from one Mac to another

Not long ago, due to an ongoing issue with my replacement MacBook Pro Retina, I was shipped yet another new model from Apple. I had about a week or so to swap the computers out and return the old one before being charged a fee for the replacement model. This post details the steps you'll need to take in order to complete this process.

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