Lately I have thought about the point of blogging, as well as social media in general, as it relates to me. That my content — my inane tweets on 4 Corners for example, or the photos I take from time to time — generally resides somewhere I don’t have control over isn’t something that sits totally comfortably with me. Further, because blogging is a dense medium, and takes time to curate, I find myself with a folder full of drafts, and few thoughts fleshed out satisfactorily. While in a given instance I might be reluctant to go to the effort of a blog post, overall, this means I have much less of a record of simply what I’ve been up to.

At the same time, moving images are a big, and growing, element to our way of communicating on the web. Entire publishing platform are essentially based on this. So, in an effort to make sense of these two ideas, I’m launching Gifblog.

Given that I don’t really use Facebook at all, and that Twitter is basically ephemeral in nature, I’m going to try this out for a while. Initially, it will update at 9am every day, with a short GIF from my life. I’ve added the ability for notes to be displayed too, but I’m trying to keep it as stripped-down and functional as possible.

This is for both myself and you, dear reader, so feel free to stop by.